District Transportation Services - 809 E Tinkham Avenue

Transportation Supervisor: Deborah Wilsey

Contact Number: 231-845-3890

Summer Office hours: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

School Year Office hours:  6am - 10am & 1pm – 5pm


Welcome to the Ludington Area Schools Transportation Department.  We take great pride in transporting such precious cargo every day.  Our mechanics and bus drivers work together keeping our busses safe and in flawless working condition.  The first few weeks can be very stressful as everyone is learning the new routes.  We will have many first time riders that we will be helping how to ride a bus for the first time, this may cause some delays until we fall into rhythm.  We pride ourselves on timely arrival and return of your students.  Please remember that times may need to be adjusted throughout the year to keep the bus on schedule. 

Post cards should start arriving at your mailbox any day.  They will have the pickup/drop-off location and times.  Please have your student at the bus stop 5 minutes early.  Please call the garage at 231-845-3890 should you need any changes.  Change requests will be handled in the order they are received and can take up to 7-10 days to implement.

If your child is going to daycare/friend/relatives before or after school and needs bus transportation, you must complete the Special Request for Transportation form and send it to the Bus Garage for processing.  Students will not be able to board buses if this form is not on file.  These forms are available at the Bus Garage, Central Business Office, Schools and at the above link.

Bus & Location

13C – Summit Southwest/G2S 03-1 – Ludington Ave & South Elementary
14B – Summit Southeast  14A – Ludington Ave & North Elementary
17D – PM Southwest     13B – Central North Elementary
18A– PM East     18C – OJ/LHS City Shuttle Bus – G2S
04 – Hamlin Estates  04A – Pleasant Ridge
18B – Hamlin South 14C– PM Northeast
13A – Hamlin Central  17B – South City Elementary
17A – Hamlin North  02B – Daycare Shuttle